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Big Girl Bed


She's taunting me!

Well, after much consideration my husband and I decided that it was time for our daughter Melody to make the transition to a toddler bed.  I know some people may think that 13 and 1/2 months is way too young to introduce a child to a Big Girl Bed but we believe in our hearts that this is the right choice.

For the past month Melody has been climbing on everything! The picture above of her pointing at me from across the room on top of our couch is the proof. She often climbs onto the couch attempt to get on the very top or she climbs onto our side tables and starts trying to dance and clap. (HELP!…lol)There is no stopping her, she’s not only climbing but she is extremely fast too! Whew! I am still wondering how mom’s with multiple babies do it! I honestly think she needs a helmet…do they sale those?

My mom told me “Welcome to the bumps, bruises, and cuts stage of life”. No joke though, my daughter has multiple bruise on her arms, knees, and bruise on her forehead, one above her eye, and a nice scrape on her head.

I am all for those child harnesses and leashes too…in fact I have one and I know it’s going to really come in handy! Did I mention my daughter is too smart for own good? She’s been trying to figure how those buckles on the stroller, highchair, and harness work. Thank God for my Ergo carrier. LOL

We haven’t received her toddler bed yet (ordered from Wal*Mart) but we went ahead and took her crib down ( Gah.. my baby girl is growing up sooo fast). We put her mattress on the floor up against the wall and for the past three nights she’s actually slept through the night on it! (Note: she usually wakes up 1-2 times at night). I don’t think this transition is going to be too hard, I’m crossing my fingers on this!  What’s next…potty training ( there’s weaning to but my kid hates MILK of all kinds..lucky me)! ..Yes, that’s going to take some work for sure. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated on that… Right now she thinks her potty is a fun treasure chest were she can hide her toys…oh, and everything is a step stool now! I’ve been frantically TODDLER proofing the house… yes, after baby proofing comes TODDLER proofing… is there teenage proofing?…better hide those car keys.0008521404792_500X500

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Park, Poop, and Praise

july 09We  took a walk to the park by our apartment today. As for letting my daughter run around and play, I choose not to for at least two main reasons.

Number one: The grass is full of clover right now, unfortunately. There were all sorts of bees swarming about and I not only feared my daughter would get stung but me as well. I was stung as a child while playing in the clover in our yard. It hurt! I have a slight reaction to bee stings as well. I tend to swell up a good amount for several days in the area I am stung. I don’t even want to think about what would happen to my baby!

Number two: There was dog poop everywhere! I don’t know if it’s because kids are out of school and being more lazy when it comes to taking care of their pets but there are poop bag dispensers everywhere here! This problem shouldn’t so blindly be over looked. It makes me disgusted having to smell it and imagining stepping in it or even worse having my daughter try to poke at it!

How about some praise for today? I’m pretty happy that my Ergo Carrier came this afternoon! I pretty much tore it out of the box, popped the instructional cd in my DVD player and tried all the positions possible with my daughter ( Back, Front, and Side).

I do know this, I wish I had this carrier months ago! The Ergo is so very comfortable and easy to use! My other carries left my back strained after prolonged hours of use but not the Ergo. I put my daughter in the back position and took care of things around the house. She fell asleep back there and I got lots of much needed things done with the wailing of a my tot wanting to be held. It’s a total win win! What’s great about the Ergo, is that it goes up to 40lbs!

I plan to write more on this carrier once I can really put it to the test!

(Melody was pretty happy about the carrier! As you can see, she’s trying to wear it!)

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International Justice Mission


The International Justice Mission was at our church this last Sunday. If you haven’t heard of them before, you should know that they are  a human rights agency that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. IJM lawyers, investigators and aftercare professionals work with local officials to ensure immediate victim rescue and aftercare, to prosecute perpetrators and to promote functioning public justice systems.

Their mission four-fold purpose is

» Victim Relief
» Perpetrator Accountability
» Victim Aftercare
» Structural Transformation

You should know that more children, women and men are held in slavery right now than over the course of the entire trans-Atlantic slave trade.

  • Human trafficking is the world’s third largest criminal enterprise, after drugs and weapons.
  • More than 2 million children are trapped in forced prostitution.
  • 80% of persons trafficked are women, and 50% are minors.I am wanting to do my part in helping support this organization and fighting this injustice and lo and behold, I came across and children’s shoe company called Bugaloo that is giving 5% of each pair of shoes it sells to International Justice Mission. I’ll be reviewing a pair of these shoes very soon but wanted to let you know about what this company is doing to help.

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My Fourth of July

It was nice to be able to sleep fourth of July morning! We slept until around 9am had bacon and eggs for breakfast and ventured out for a mustard and ketchup bottle. We never did find bottles for our ketchup and mustard which is a drag since we buy our ketchup and mustard in bulk at Costco. It’s not ideal for me to throw the giant jugs on the dining table! You’d be surprised that Target and the local grocery stores didn’t carry any. OH well! 100_9928

I did happen to pick up some incredibly cute red, white, and blue napkins and plates that had robots on them. You can guess that my husband was pretty pleased with my choice. As much as I like being traditional, I like kooky and fun twist on things and that is why we got them to use on the 4th! I was really meaning to take a picture of the 4th of July spread but totally forgot and by the time I realized it, everything had been eaten. Oops! lolea-sports-activeSo while we were out, I decided that EA Sport Active was an incredibly beneficial purchase to both my husband and I and purchased it for $50.00 at Frys.  I tried it a week ago, and I bought it on that and reading reviews from others that had tried it out. Am I feeling the burn? You betcha! But do I want more? Yes! I love how it’s set up and I like that we can customize our own workouts! My husband I were on so much of a buzz over it, that fourth of July evening we went on a hour walk plus our 30 min workouts! Are we sore? Yes.  But it’s all for getting in shape and staying there!

My in-laws came over on the 4th. We grilled out hot dogs and they brought delicious potato salad, chips, soda, and some very yummy Silvan blackberries. I’d never had those type of berries before but I must say they were very good! My husband played the wii with his dad while my mother in law and I chatted while playing with Melody. We didn’t do too much because it was pretty hot in the apartment. Megan, my sister in law didn’t stay very long because she was heading out to see a fire works show with her friend ( hence that we didnt’ get any photos of her).

Well, after family left, my husband and I went on a walk and returned home around 9pm. We watched the encore presentation of the Capitol 4th and then headed to bed. Suprisingly Melody stayed up and watched the whole show with us. LOL… She really enjoyed the music.

How was your 4th of July?

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Ergo Carrier

ergocarrierToday, I finally decided to order a Ergo carrier. My daughter was getting to long for her Bjorn and we still wanted to be close!

I found a great deal on an Ergo carrier  over at Health Check Systems, not only was it discounted but shipping was free, and I had a 5% off coupon code. I consider this a really good deal. A carrier like this I know I’ll use for years to come not just with my daughter Melody but with her future siblings.

I’ll let you know how much I’m sure I’ll love it once it gets here. I can’t wait to go hiking with this carrier! I’ve really been looking forward to going as a whole family this summer/fall! Not only hiking but it will be nice to keep my daughter close whether we are checking out the local museums, shopping malls, or taking a walk down the street during the day.

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13 Months Old


At a Friend's House

My sweet little Melody, turned 13 months old over the weekend. She’s currently napping, catching up on her beauty sleep, I imagine. She’s had a busy weekend watching Praise Baby ( WE LOVE IT), stacking blocks, munching on toast and cheerios, meeting with friends, going to church and playing ball with mommy!

This weekend was interesting. I had friends over Saturday and was able to get a taste of EA Sports Active! I had a lot of fun with it, and am hoping to either snag it from a blog giveaway or wait till it comes down in price a little bit.

This afternoon we ventured to Costco and Target to get a few needed things and our car wouldn’t start! I am not going to say unlucky but blessed that this happened. I know we are going to the coast this weekend and it would have been horrible if this happened while we were so far away from friends and family that could offer their helping hands. Speaking of which, one lady offered us her jumper cables but we already had some, and a few people helped roll the car into an empty spot where they could help give our car a just start. May God Bless them with their good deed. Well, shortly after getting jump started and making it back home, the car wouldn’t start again. We came to the knowledge that the battery must have reached it’s end of days.  So not knowing who else to call at first, I instant messaged my friend Lindsey and her husband was kind enough to drive my husband to get a new battery 🙂

What a day!

Oh almost forget to mention Melody said her first phrase yesterday! She said I LOVE YOU clear as a bell. She’s said it before but not as clear as last night ^^

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