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Summer Field Trip: Graham Oaks Nature Park

This month we took a field trip to a local Nature Park during a special event! At this event, the kids got to build mason bee boxes,  learn about many different plants growing in the park, take part in a scavenger hunt, learn about recycling, practice their nature journaling, enjoy a free slice of berry pie, and so much more! It was a wonderful day out and even Grandma and Grandpa Lowmaster came to take in the fun festivities with us. 

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Our Lavender Festival Visit


This month was my second visit to the Clackamas Oregon Lavender festival.  My husband and I visited  last year and decided to bring the kids along this time.  We were a bit wary about going because of the hot weather. Oregon has been having abnormally hot temperatures throughout the day ranging in the upper 90s to 100s. But when we went the skies were overcast and there was a lovely breeze. We went early and left right around the time when the heat was starting to rise. 

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Options Are Important for the Best Family Vacations!

flifloipOptions Are Important for the Best Family Vacations

Family vacations can be difficult to plan for even a well-prepared individual. With a number of tastes in food, entertainment, and activities to balance, the planning experience can quickly become overwhelming. The simple fact is that traveling as a family can be expensive, and catering to three, four, or five different agendas can be exhausting. Selecting a destination with a number of different options keeps everyone happy, and ensures that nobody will need a vacation when they return from vacation. The right hotel and the right city can help travelers produce some memories that will be treasured for years to come, and even spur a series of return trips.

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Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Impromptu Park Trip

Something I love about living in the Pacific North West is the weather. It’s usually never too hot and we certainly don’t mind the overcast days. If there’s a breeze it’s even better. A little bit of rain doesn’t scare us! That’s what jackets are for!  Any day is a good day for going to the park. Our trip to the pictured park over the weekend was impromptu. We had planned on visiting a science museum but it was incredibly busy. The next best thing was enjoying some family time at a new to us park. 

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Birthday in a Box: 7th Birthday Party Theme!


We celebrated my daughter’s 7th birthday over the weekend.  We kept it mostly low key but decided to go all out in decorating! Birthdays only come once a year so they are certainly worth the extra effort. There’s just something special about seeing the joy in the eyes of your child in knowing you put such much effort  and time toward in celebrating them! I’d been very eager for months for her birthday!

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My Mother’s Day Weekend


My Mother’s Day was low key and I’m fine with that. The wind chime pictured above my son and daughter picked out for me as a gift! Isn’t it beautiful? They know I love Sunflowers and had been wanting a chime for the yard for a bit. What’s neat about this chime is that it’s also solar powered. At night, it emanates a soft glow in the center of the flower. It’s very pretty! There’s something calming about the chime sound it makes when a slight breeze comes our way. I love it’s not just a gift I can enjoy but everyone else too.

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