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First Grade Homeschool Plans for Melody!

This is the post in which I’ll share what I’ve got planned for my daughter for her 1st gade year of homeschool! Things are subject to change and this certainly will be just a glimpse! I intend on adding lots of hands-on activities, crafts, and games to go along with many of her subjects since she learns well that way. Okay, here we go….  Continue reading

Geometric Shapes Building Set {Review & Giveaway}


The Learning Resources Geometric Shapes Building Set ™ has given my children a real hands on experience in creating 2-D as well as 3-D shapes! As homeschool parent, I like offering my children a hands-on activity when they are learning about a new concept. I find that if an activity is hands-on, it tends to be more likely remembered. This set is an excellent way to get children moving, thinking, and learning by encouraging open ended play too. Continue reading

Learn How to Sew For Kids Pixie Projects DVD Series by Katrina Marie {review}


I’ve just begun learning how to craft and create with my sewing machine and have had my six year old daughter at my side to get her interested as well! I think any sort of of crafting is an excellent way to express yourself and the time spent learning along side family or friends is priceless! Sewing is pretty limitless after you learn just the basics and you can get very creative once comfortable enough to have a go at it on on your own. My daughter is like me and quite the visual learner when it comes to learning new things. When we heard about the Learn How to Sew For Kids Pixie Projects DVD Series by Katrina Marie we knew we had to check it out!  Continue reading

Get to Know Jesus by Nancy I. Sanders {book review}


Get to Know Jesus is part of the A Biography For Kids series by Nancy I. Sanders. The book is a little over 100 pages long and an excellent resource for children ages five to ten years old that are aiming to learn more about people from the Bible. I plan on using this book and the others in the series as part of our Bible studies during our home schooling but imagine it would be excellent to read as is as well as to be used in a church classroom setting. Continue reading