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Snow Angel Girl

Melody has been napping quite a bit today so I was able to get art done for work purposes and for my own shop! Isn’t the little girl playing in snow making an angel cute?

Only three more days left for this year… the time really passed me by quickly. This was a really great year though… there were so many first in my family 🙂

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Did You Know God Loves You?

I really am enjoying have giveaways on my blog! One of the main reason was to bring in traffic… but I am really liking the ideas people are giving me for new designs… it really gets my designing juices going! Take the design above for example, I created that because someone said they’d love to see a christian shirt about being happy because God loves you encouraging you to smile! We have so much to be thankful for so we should smile and be a bit more cheery, don’t you think?

Zazzle has finally made way for you to easily post your designs on more than product and this saves me sooooo much time! It’s a big blessing to me and I was thrilled to find out about it!

You find these design about here at my Zazzle store or you can head on over to my shop front at Virtuous Planet.

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Teething Bites~!

I was searching around and I was surprised that there are not many shirts on teething for purchase! Teething has to be the one of the most annoying times for both child and parent! My little one has been slightly cranky and gnawing like crazy on everything! I still don’t see any teeth yet in my daughter mouth but I know they should be arriving any time now.

If your little one is going through teething or someone else’s child, be sure to recommend getting or buying this shirt! What a sad little cranky gator … !

You can also find this shirt over at my VIRTUOUS PLANET store.

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