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Airplanes: Soaring! Diving! Turning! {Children’s Book Review}


Airplanes: Soaring! Diving! Turning! By: Patricia Hubbell, Megan Halsey, Sean Addy

This is a must have book from the Things That Go!  line of books. In fact, this book is the most recent out of three that I’ve purchased for my children from the series. Immediately after reading this book to my son age 2 1/2 and daughter age 5 a few times, I knew it would be a hit, especially with my son.

In Airplanes: Soaring! Diving! Turning! the whimsical illustrations are sure to make children’s eyes dance from page to page (I know my little guy can can sit for quite a bit of time exploring each page on his own). The mixed mediums such as etchings, original drawings, maps, and clipart make for almost a collage type feel in the book. Each page offers many interesting details that any appreciator of art would very much enjoy. It makes for a fun picture book! Continue reading

Look! Look! Look! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace and Linda Friedlaender {Children’s Book Review}



As the story opens in Look! Look! Look!, children are introduced to a family of three mice. These three mice named Kiki, Alexander, & Kat are very curious trio with quite an interest and appreciation in art! While the Bigley’s, the neighbors of the mice, are away from home a post card with a painting of lady on the front arrives. As to be expected, the curiosity of the family of mice is captured right away, they decide to borrow the post card for a bit to just look at it.

As this story unfolds, the characters look very close at the painting. They first begin to dissect the painting with squares of paper they cut open to be viewers, carefully examining section by section. They then begin to share amongst each other what the see such as patterns and colors. They then go on taking artistic mediums of their own such as markers and discover lines which then proceeds to seeing certain shapes in the painting. Artistic inspiration ensues as the three mice begin cutting out their own shapes to create their very own Lady Mouseton to mimic the painting. They took far beyond what they saw and were inspired to create their own personal masterpieces! Continue reading

Baseball Hour by Carol Nevius & Illustrated by Bill Thomson {Children’s Book Review}


Baseball Hour
Written by Carol Nevius
Illustrated by Bill Thomson 

Those with a love of the game will most assuredly appreciate Baseball Hour. This book captures what a day at baseball practice probably looks like for most children in little league. Whether boy or girl interested in the game or those whom already play, either would probably enjoy the tone set. The book at hand could definitely inspire determination and teamwork. I really liked that there is a variety of races and children of both sexes on the team displayed. Too often, I see only baseball and other sports booked geared primarily to boys. Continue reading

Rain Stomper, by Addie Boswell {Children’s Book Review}


 Rain Stomper
Written By Addie Boswell
Illustrated by Eric Valesquez

In the story “The Rain Stomper” readers are introduced to young girl named Jazmin. Jazmin is a baton twirler that is just about to march in a parade. But to much of her disappointment, the wind begins to whistle, thunder rumbles, the sun hides behind the clouds and with a slap clatter clatter slap it begins to rain down in buckets. Her reaction to the situation is certainly one that we all can relate to, especially for young children. Jazmin knows the rain will clearly ruin the parade! She hated it and started to complain saying things such as Mud Puddler, Cloud Crasher, & Parade Wrecker directly to the rain!

Jazmin then takes to going outside in the rain that bellowed, roared, and crashed. She stomped, kicked, splashed, and shouted while holding her baton high. Her actions caught the attention of other children that were inside their homes in the neighborhood. They all peered for a bit and then cheered Jazmin on! And to their surprise, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds! Jazmin the rain stomper and the other children deemed as puddle splashers out-stomped the rain. Continue reading