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(Little Blessings) What is The Bible by: Kathleen Long Bostrom, Illustrated by Elena Kucharik

978-1-4143-2012-0What Is the Bible?
Author Kathleen Bostrom
Illustrator Elena Kucharik

Product Description
Little Blessings question books help young children understand basic truths about the Christian life. Perfect for ages 3-6, What Is the Bible asks and answers questions about the Bible, such as: Who wrote the Bible, who is the Bible about, how do you read the Bible? Parents can use this book as a fun tool to answer questions their little ones may have about God’s Word.

You can find the 1st Chapter .PDF here.

My thoughts…

In this book geared toward 3-6 year olds, you’ll find that answers to many questions about the Bible children commonly ask will be answered, making “What Is the Bible?”  perfect for eager young minds just beginning to learn about the Word of God.

The colorful illustrations by illustrator Elena Kucharik correspond well with the story. My daughter, though to young for this book at the time enjoyed pointing out out the children and animals by name found throughout the pages.  As you can see that even my 14 month old finds this book visually appealing, I’m sure older children will as well.

One of my favorite features is that at the end of the book, you’ll find a section of Bible references. These references go along  with the story which was written in rhyme, an ingenoius way to help children remember what was read.

I highly recommend this book for those of you wanting to meet children on their level of learning about the Word of God. This book makes for a wonderful resource for parents, Sunday school teachers, and even grandparents.

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Book Review: A Perfect Mess: Why You Don’t Have to Worry About Being Good Enough for God by Lisa Harper

perfectmessWhy You Don’t Have to Worry About Being Good Enough for God
Written by Lisa Harper

Short Bio & Author Website: Lisa Harper is a master storyteller whose lively approach connects the dots between the Bible era and modern life. She is a sought-after Bible teacher and speaker whose upcoming appearances include the national Women of Faith Conferences. A veteran of numerous radio and television programs and the author of several books, she also is a regular columnist for Today’s Christian Woman magazine. Lisa recently completed a master’s of theological studies from Covenant Theological Seminary. She makes her home outside Nashville.

Short Book Description: Here’s hope for every woman who worries she isn’t good enough or doesn’t do enough to merit God’s affection. With warm authenticity, Lisa Harper takes readers on a story-driven study of select Psalms, providing a clear picture of how God’s incomparable love transforms messy lives into gorgeous works of grace.

My thoughts: I’ve been reading the book of Psalms so I was pretty happy when I found out this  devotional book was taking us on author Lisa Harper’s personal journey through them.

I love the fact that this book is so different than most of the devotional books that I’ve read in the past.  I was taken on a ride of personal experiences and unashamed honesty in relating to the Word of God. I felt deeply moved, cracked several laughs, and nearly couldn’t put this book down as author Lisa Harper knows by the grace of God exactly how to keep her audience captivated by words on a page.

Through reading this book, I couldn’t help sharing with friends and family how  much I was enjoying it.  This great devotional book would be wonderful for personal use as well as group bible study.

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NLT Life Application Bible Studies-John

nltjohnI anticipate my future studies in the Word of God using the wonderful resources found in the various NLT Life Application Bible Studies guides available from Tyndale.  These books are wonderful whether you are on the go or are just looking to have all your information in one place. I’ve found the various guide incredibly useful for myself and imagine that others will greatly benefit from them as well.

I’ve recently been using NLT Life Application Bible Studies guide of John. In reading, we are taken on an in-depth examination of the book of John separated into 13 lessons. Each lesson will take about an hour to go through, so if you want to read a little at a time you can do that.  I personally like to go at a slow pace so I can let what I am reading soak in for further discussion with those around me.  The beauty of this guide is that you can set your own studying pace.

This guide like many of the others offers easy to understand study notes, application notes, and biblical profiles along with maps & charts as they would appear in the Life Application Study Bible.

You can use this study guide for self study, a small group, or even as guide to go by at church. You can use this guide alone, or with other sorts of resources though it’s not required because I imagine that most people will get a lot of this guide as it is.

Much like the other application studies in this series, each lesson is made up of the six following parts:

  • Reflect
  • Read
  • Realize
  • Respond
  • Resolve
  • More

Tyndale has done a great job putting together everything that someone would need to encourage one to grow in the knowledge of scripture and to learn how to apply it to their lives.  I already own the Hebrews guide and highly recommend  the remaining guides to all who are interested.

You can find John, NLT Life Application Bible Studies at Christian Book on sale for just $6.49, if you are looking to add it to your collection.

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Book Review: When the Good News Gets Even Better by Neb Hayden

767004: When the Good News Gets Even Better When the Good News Gets Even Better
By Neb Hayden / David C. Cook

* See the gospel of Christ with new eyes! Using a 3-month format, Hayden combines all four Gspels into one complete chronological narrative, setting Jesus’ life within the context of Jewish culture, customs, and perspectives. This outstanding guide is sure to add a new, deeper dimension to your reading of Scripture—and your understanding of Jesus! 240 pages, softcover from Cook.

My thoughts …

Author Ned Hayden has presented us with wonderful guide through  Jesus’ life from birth to death in the exact order each event took place. I’m a big fan of chronological Bibles so when I found out that this study guide reads through the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John chronologically, I was very much pleased! I believe that studying chronologically is much easier.

This book was written in order to not only help us better understand Jesus from his birth to death but also in hopes to bridge the gap between the Jew and Gentile with this unique study guide. I like how through each chapter, Jewish customs and much historical detail is added to help the reader better understand that specific time and era.

This guide has eleven sections and is broken into a 12-week daily Bible study. Each chapters finishes with questions about the following verses that were included in the chapter. I highly recommend this easy-to-read study guide for personal or group study.

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Book Review:How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph Guide By Linda Massey Weddle / David C. Cook

765314: How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph Guide How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph Guide
By Linda Massey Weddle / David C. Cook

Help your child find spiritual success in life. This guidebook allows you to create a practical, personalized plan for instilling faith-based values and beliefs in your child that will last a lifetime. Paperback.

My Thoughts…

This book is a wonderful guide in helping to instruct parents and other fellow leaders in raising a child in the way they should go. I enjoyed the fact this book starts even before the birth of your child and continues all the way up to the 12th grade!  You’ll find this book listing major questions you should consider asking yourselves like “What Does The Bible Say About Raising A Child?” for example and it encourages parents to study the Bible together to find out before your child’s birth.

You should know that this book is divided into two sections, one for parents and one for the church. Through out the chapters you’ll find it focuses on age appropriate life threads such as respect, wisdom and grace to name a few. Sample family itineraries which include things like which bible verses you are going to study throughout the year, spiritual goals, are also included.

I will continue to use this wonderful guide and resource through out the course of raising my children. I definitely recommend it to all.

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Book Review: Read and Share Toddler Bible by Gwen Ellis

140031464XRead and Share Toddler Bible
by Gwen Ellis
Thomas Nelson Publisher
$14.99 US/Juvenille Nonfiction

Once again, another great title by author Gwen Ellis. The Read and Share Toddler Bible is a wonderful book geared to toward infants and toddlers. This hardcover book is filled with various well-loved Bible stories from both the new and old testament. Illustrations are beautifully done by artist Steve Smallman for both the bonus DVD and the Bible story book. At the end of each story there a small tid-bit of information for parents or grandparents to encourage discussion with children of each story read.

I really enjoyed watching the DVD with my daughter this afternoon. She was captivated by each story and was paying very well attention. She would say Baby when she saw baby Moses and Jesus. She said dog when she saw the dog running around with the shepherd in the Lost Sheep story. She would also say yum yum each time characters in the various stories would eat. She was also pretty captivated by the shiny angels. Though she is a little young to understand each story, I know we’ll be reading this book and watching the wonderful bonus DVD together as she grows to understand more and more each day.

I highly recommend both the New Read and Share Toddler Bible along with the accompanying 60-minute DVD for any parent or grandparent.

Reviewed by Erin L. Lowmaster
Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I review for Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers
Read and Share Toddler Bible

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