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The Jesus Book by: Stephen Elkins

_140_245_Book.70.coverThe Jesus Book
By Stephen Elkins
Illustrated by Claudine Gevry
Juvenile Nonfiction/Religion
Bible Stories/General
$16.99 US/Hardcover
Thomas Nelson

About the Author

Stephen Elkins is a best-selling author, musician, and Grammy-nominated producer. He is author of the 100 Bible Stories series and Read-n-See DVD Bible. Claudine Gevry illustrator of over sixty books including “The Jesus Book”. Her whimsical style is shown throughout this book.

About the Book

The Jesus book is one of the best resources and educational guides that I’ve seen for children on the market!  Author Stephen Elkins makes understanding everything we need to know about Jesus very simple by breaking it down in the following seven sections:

* Who Jesus Is
* What Jesus Did
* What Jesus Taught
* When It Happened
* Why It Happened
* How It Happened

A very useful time line is  included  in the When it Happened section starting the readers in Genesis and ending in John. Located in the Where it Happened section you’ll find colorfully illustrated maps that show were Jesus walked throughout his journey. In the What Jesus Taught section you’ll find that Jesus liked to minister to those around him with parables and you’ll see how he taught us to pray. In the Why and How it happened section, children will learn why Jesus was sent to save us and how it happened.

Each mini story of explanation is backed with scripture  that you may choose to look up in your own Bible to show children how what they are being taught is also in the Bible. I think it’s never to early to teach children to look to the Word of God for answers that  they may be seeking.

A fun thirty song filled cd by the Wonder Kids is also included  featuring well loved Bible songs like Stand Up For Jesus, God is so Good, and Do Lord just to name a few of the wonderful tracks.

My Thoughts

Stephen Elkins has done a wonderful job with this book. Illustrator Claudine Gevry also does a great job in bringing to life each page with her colorful eye catching illustrations.  The music cd is a great addition as many of the songs I grew up listening to as a child!

I am looking forward to sharing this book with my children, as I know many questions that may be asked or pondered about Jesus will be answered. This book would be great for home, church, and even school use. I give this book 5 stars!

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Book Review: 90 Days To A Fantastic Marriage by: Dr. David Hawkins

323240: 90 Days to a Fantastic Marriage: How to Bring Out the Soul Mate in Your Mate

90 Days to a Fantastic Marriage: How to Bring Out the Soul Mate in Your Mate

By Dr. David Hawkins / Tyndale House

No matter what stage of marriage you’re in – newlywed, longtime married, or in crisis – wouldn’t it be nice to be praised and noticed rather than criticized and ignored? Hawkins’s 12-week plan will help you stop negative patterns and start speaking about the good in your spouse. You’ll build a positive marriage solidified with love and appreciation!

My thoughts:

I’ve read quite a few books that are written to help regain that special spark in your marriage but I have never read one quite like 90 Days To A Fantastic Marriage by author Dr. David Hawkins.

This book is a 12 week study plan to work on becoming a “soul mate” for your mate.  Each lesson focuses on major relational topics in our lives together. Each chapter begins with signs pertaining to each weekly topic  and ends with a quiz  and a putting it into practice this week section.

I find the author focusing on each others stregnths and hopes whether than focusing entirely on the problems that we may have of each other. Ignore the problems no, but if that’s all we are seeing, our relationship will go down hill because over time it will eat us up and that will be all we continue to see.  Focusing on the postive things makes it easier to address the negative things, so we are always closely connected.

This book is a great read whether you are newly married or you’ve been married for many years.The tools are all right here to  build a stronger relationship with each other. If you want change for the better, I promise your marriage will be revolutionized!

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Book Review:June Bug by Chris Fabry

978-1-4143-1956-8June Bug by Chris Fabry

Publisher: Tyndale Fiction

About the book: For as long as she can remember, June Bug and her father have traveled the back roads of the country in their beat-up RV, spending many nights parked at Walmart. One day, as she walks past the greeter at the front of the store, her eyes are drawn to the pictures of missing children, where she is shocked to see herself.

This discovery begins a quest for the truth about her father, the mother he rarely speaks of, and ultimately herself. But when her father’s past catches up with them, forces beyond his control draw them back to Dogwood, West Virginia, down a winding path that will change their lives forever. (from the back cover)

About the author: Chris Fabry is a native of West Virginia who hosts the daily program Chris Fabry Live! on Moody Radio. He and his wife, Andrea, are the parents of nine children. Chris is the author of Dogwood and more than 50 novels for children and young adults.

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed reading “June Bug”. I recall telling my friends and family when reading through this book that it would make a wonderful Lifetime or Hallmark channel movie and I still stand by that 100%.

This story is told through several characters point of views, of which I value in most books that I read. I like to know what everyone is thinking about what’s going on instead of just receiving that information from a single person. I have to mention that author Chris Fabry does a wonderful job in writing what a nine year girl would be thinking.

I don’t want this review to contain any spoilers because I want readers to enjoy the journey through this tale without. I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters were real, the situations were believable, and I had no idea how this story would end! I hung by every word through June Bug’s adventure into finding out who she was. I honestly did not find out the truth till the very end. I had assumptions but you really don’t know through each twist and turn where this story will lead.

I highly recommend this wonderful book. As it’s a impacting read with a message of how God can turn bad situations into good for his purposes.

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God -Romans 8:28

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(Little Blessings) What is The Bible by: Kathleen Long Bostrom, Illustrated by Elena Kucharik

978-1-4143-2012-0What Is the Bible?
Author Kathleen Bostrom
Illustrator Elena Kucharik

Product Description
Little Blessings question books help young children understand basic truths about the Christian life. Perfect for ages 3-6, What Is the Bible asks and answers questions about the Bible, such as: Who wrote the Bible, who is the Bible about, how do you read the Bible? Parents can use this book as a fun tool to answer questions their little ones may have about God’s Word.

You can find the 1st Chapter .PDF here.

My thoughts…

In this book geared toward 3-6 year olds, you’ll find that answers to many questions about the Bible children commonly ask will be answered, making “What Is the Bible?”  perfect for eager young minds just beginning to learn about the Word of God.

The colorful illustrations by illustrator Elena Kucharik correspond well with the story. My daughter, though to young for this book at the time enjoyed pointing out out the children and animals by name found throughout the pages.  As you can see that even my 14 month old finds this book visually appealing, I’m sure older children will as well.

One of my favorite features is that at the end of the book, you’ll find a section of Bible references. These references go along  with the story which was written in rhyme, an ingenoius way to help children remember what was read.

I highly recommend this book for those of you wanting to meet children on their level of learning about the Word of God. This book makes for a wonderful resource for parents, Sunday school teachers, and even grandparents.

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Book Review: A Perfect Mess: Why You Don’t Have to Worry About Being Good Enough for God by Lisa Harper

perfectmessWhy You Don’t Have to Worry About Being Good Enough for God
Written by Lisa Harper

Short Bio & Author Website: Lisa Harper is a master storyteller whose lively approach connects the dots between the Bible era and modern life. She is a sought-after Bible teacher and speaker whose upcoming appearances include the national Women of Faith Conferences. A veteran of numerous radio and television programs and the author of several books, she also is a regular columnist for Today’s Christian Woman magazine. Lisa recently completed a master’s of theological studies from Covenant Theological Seminary. She makes her home outside Nashville.

Short Book Description: Here’s hope for every woman who worries she isn’t good enough or doesn’t do enough to merit God’s affection. With warm authenticity, Lisa Harper takes readers on a story-driven study of select Psalms, providing a clear picture of how God’s incomparable love transforms messy lives into gorgeous works of grace.

My thoughts: I’ve been reading the book of Psalms so I was pretty happy when I found out this  devotional book was taking us on author Lisa Harper’s personal journey through them.

I love the fact that this book is so different than most of the devotional books that I’ve read in the past.  I was taken on a ride of personal experiences and unashamed honesty in relating to the Word of God. I felt deeply moved, cracked several laughs, and nearly couldn’t put this book down as author Lisa Harper knows by the grace of God exactly how to keep her audience captivated by words on a page.

Through reading this book, I couldn’t help sharing with friends and family how  much I was enjoying it.  This great devotional book would be wonderful for personal use as well as group bible study.

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NLT Life Application Bible Studies-John

nltjohnI anticipate my future studies in the Word of God using the wonderful resources found in the various NLT Life Application Bible Studies guides available from Tyndale.  These books are wonderful whether you are on the go or are just looking to have all your information in one place. I’ve found the various guide incredibly useful for myself and imagine that others will greatly benefit from them as well.

I’ve recently been using NLT Life Application Bible Studies guide of John. In reading, we are taken on an in-depth examination of the book of John separated into 13 lessons. Each lesson will take about an hour to go through, so if you want to read a little at a time you can do that.  I personally like to go at a slow pace so I can let what I am reading soak in for further discussion with those around me.  The beauty of this guide is that you can set your own studying pace.

This guide like many of the others offers easy to understand study notes, application notes, and biblical profiles along with maps & charts as they would appear in the Life Application Study Bible.

You can use this study guide for self study, a small group, or even as guide to go by at church. You can use this guide alone, or with other sorts of resources though it’s not required because I imagine that most people will get a lot of this guide as it is.

Much like the other application studies in this series, each lesson is made up of the six following parts:

  • Reflect
  • Read
  • Realize
  • Respond
  • Resolve
  • More

Tyndale has done a great job putting together everything that someone would need to encourage one to grow in the knowledge of scripture and to learn how to apply it to their lives.  I already own the Hebrews guide and highly recommend  the remaining guides to all who are interested.

You can find John, NLT Life Application Bible Studies at Christian Book on sale for just $6.49, if you are looking to add it to your collection.

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