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60 Days of Happiness by Randy Alcorn {Book Review}

Happiness is something everyone longs for but what does it really mean to be happy? By worldly standards, it could mean recognition, the acquiring of things, prestige, and so forth. Life has it’s highs and lows. We are happy one moment when things are going well and sad the next with things seem to be out of our control.   Randy Alcorn sums up what happiness as a believer in Christ should look like in bite size devotions that can be read daily or at whatever pace you chose.  

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God Made You Nose to Toes {Book Review}

God Made You Nose to Toes is a book by Leslie Parrot that demonstrates in word and picture how great God’s love is for us. Estelle Corke’s happy colored illustrations draw readers and listeners in as the story unfolds! Eyes to see, ears to hear, a mouth to laugh, a nose to smell, knees for climbing, fingers to touch, children will learn about their senses too! 

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31 Verses to Write on Your Heart {Book Review}

I’d been looking for a reasonably simple footing in attempts to memorize Bible scripture.  I feel that it’s important to have God’s words to turn toward at all times and to share with others off the top of my head. But let’s face it, with all the busy these days something so seemingly simple can be a real challenge.Often having a goal and not having a good way to get there can be very discouraging to the point of never starting.

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New Year by Rich Lo {Book Review}

New Year by Rich Lo is a book that I feel many children locating to a new school or country can relate too. In this story, we meet a young boy that has relocated from China to America. The story itself is based on the childhood experiences of the author/illustrator Rich Lo and his immigration to America. The differences to adjust are displayed throughout the tale in a way young children can understand.

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Too Blessed to be Stressed Inspiration for Every Day

Too Blessed to be Stressed Inspiration for Every Day is a small daily dose that challenges one to look on the brighter side of life. Written in a way that speaks directly to the reader, it’s like the author becomes your best new pal who’s primary goal is affirming how much our Papa God loves us! The days can be dark but this little book will get one looking to the light and finding the joy in our everyday moments.

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