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Talking with Your Toddler {Review}

Talking with Your Toddler: 75 Fun Activities and Interactive Games that Teach Your Child to Talk is a helpful guide for parents, teachers and caregivers. This book is packed full of engaging games and activities that can boost and challenge developing language skills. As a mom of three, I felt that a book like this I wouldn’t use so often but my third child is not talking as soon as my first two. So many of the exercises listed, I’m taking note to do early on.  Please note that I firmly believe every child develops in certain areas at different times and when they are ready but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look for every opportunity to help! 

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Gift Suggestion: Educational and Intrest Focused DK Readers!

DK’s award-winning and best-selling children’s books are an appeal to kids of all ages! Their books cover all sorts of topics to peak nearly anyone’s interest.  There are books on animals, crafts, the earth, insects, occupations, and so much more. If your child is more into fiction and what’s popular now, there’s LEGO, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and other brand and character themed choices to pick from.

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DK Readers: LEGO Ninjago & LEGO City!

The DK Readers in this post are some fun titles that feature LEGO! There are different reader levels available that are suited for beginners readers and those more advanced. I am featuring a level 4 and a level 2 reader below.  If looking for a last minute gift suggestion or something for kids to spend that bookstore gift card on, why not give these titles a look. The price point is right as I’ve seen these for around $3.00-$5.00 each for the paperback versions!

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Doodletopia Fairies: Draw, Design, and Color Your Own Super-Magical and Beautiful Fairies {Review}


Doodletopia: Fairies by Chris Hart is a great drawing book for beginner art enthusiast to those with more advanced skills. This book isn’t per say pointed to children though the style is storybook-like and more likely to draw in the younger crowd. I’m 31 and my oldest daughter is 8 and we both have enjoyed browsing through the pages and trying out the numerous suggested exercises to advance our abilities in drawing in such a manner.  

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Precious Moments Little Book of God’s Love {Review}

Precious Moment Little Book of Love is really sweet. It would be a wonderful book to present to children of all ages or even adults that are fans of Precious Moments. It’s great to enjoy during the month of February when we celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, it’s really also a great book to share anytime to say I love you and also to remind one of God’s everlasting love for us! 

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Great Books to Gift this Season from DK Kids!

unnamedThe Holidays are right around the corner and what better a time than now to get those gifts checked off the list! One thing I always like to get my kids during this time of the year are specific books. But not just any books. I like to get them a book or two that they can read or use over and over again. I turn to DK Kids book because I know they offer dynamic layouts and vibrant images to engrossing content that gets kids excited! The sort of books they offer encourage children to use their imagination, to learn, to create, and discover.

Below are just a few titles that my children are benefitting from right now. DK Books has many engaging titles to pick up starting from baby ages and up for both boys and girls!

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