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The Adventure of the Crib

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Yesterday was a fun day, figuratively speaking.

I wrote this little bit about the crib I bought from some nice people off Craigslist.

From Vancover to Wilsonville,
you traveled to me… not in a van or a car or a SUV
I thanked the people who brought you and I wished them well
Then their truck wouldn’t start, that must’ve been hell
For an hour they sat and waited on triple A
I’m sure they wished they were home sooner on this bright and
beautiful day. I sent them an e-mail and told them I felt bad.
I was happy and at the same time yet still sad.
I was glad that I got you knowing you’d treat Melody well.
I just wish the deliverers journey would’ve been more swell…

I’ll upload some photos of the crib later after I pick up the bedding with my husband!

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It’s a Jungle Out There

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Today I put all my cute little safari animals together and made a baby shower invitation for Melody’s baby shower!
Isn’t cute?

How am I doing? More or less lately, I’ve felt really huge…lol and I have also felt like a punching bag. Punch away Melody, because doing that eases my mind that everything in my tummy is doing just fine. So, I’ve come down with those pregnancy blemishes I read about and they are on my face. It just kinda looks like a light sun burn or that I am blushing all the time…lol… it’s not too bad.

I bought a crib w/ matress! I’ll have to take pictures when we get it put up and tomorrow I am picking up the cute little safari animals bedding set I bought too! Pictures will be coming!

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I need to take it a bit more easy considering I about knocked myself out this morning by dropping something on my head from the top shelf of the closet….oops! I’ve been on a cleaning, organization spree all week and won’t be satisfied till the place is immaculate.

I’ve been having fun writing and video advertisement for payperpost as you can see from my previous entries! I just learned also had to create some pretty neat effects with windows movie maker. 🙂

I’m seven months pregnant and only 90, give or take a few days to go!

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A Lazy day

It’s not that I am being lazy because, I am not! It’s just one of those days for me when you find yourself yawning an awful lot.  I just got back from my WIC appointment not too long ago and I received my vouchers and everything. I found out my iron is low… so that’s something I better work on!

Lots of things to do later and to blog about… so I’ll be back then 😉

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I recently added a plug-in to my blog that let’s me know how many words my post are! This is very helpful for my advertisement posts. If you would like to use the same one, you can can find it HERE!

You can find the stats by checking your word press dashboard and it’s very easy to use!

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What’s Your Destination?

We started a new series at church yesterday called ” Destinations”! It was a real eye opener to many things and I really got a lot out of it, once we discussed it in our life group later that evening.

My mother in-law finished my wedding album yesterday and it looks just lovely. I can’t wait to show it off when I have visitors over! I look forward also to workig on a baby album for Melody!
Today is a busy day as my husband is getting off earlier so we won’t miss our appointment for the OHP. We also have a few errands to run. I imagine tomorrow is going to be a pretty busy day for me as well!

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