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Just a note

I’ll be moving over the weekend so don’t be expecting a reply from me for the next couple of days as my internet will be disconnected and I’ll be trying to situate everything in our new apartment!  I am praying for that 70 degree sunny weather because who really wants to move when it’s cool and raining out. I know I don’t want people getting mud and dirt on the carpet!

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Don’t forget

Don’t forget to be checking out my baby blog too! I’ve been updating over there usually once a week if not twice on how Mom and baby are doing.  Less than fifty days to go and my precious little girl will be here 🙂

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Slowing it Down!

Just so people know, I won’t be on the internet much for the next few weeks and possibly after. As, I’ll be busy getting moved in to our new place, preparing for baby, and trying to get plenty of rest. Hence, the lack of new designs. I’ll try to make a new blog post on occasion but as for my hours in front of the computer designing, hours sleeping seem more appealing at this time. I’ve been having a hard time concentrating or coming up with anything in the design department…lol… I’ve got ideas sure but I’m not getting very good visuals. I guess my mind is just running everywhere else. I’m somewhat in a daze… or I feel like I’ve taken a few too many pills for allergies. LOL… yeah, so taking one day at time and trying not to put to much on a plate. What a transition I am about to get thrown into for sure! There’s nothing like being a new mommy huh?

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32 Week Doctor Appointment

I am about to go to my 32 week Doctor’s appointment. I’ll update how little Melody and I are doing when I get back! I may or may not nap when I get back home…lol. Melody was keeping me up on and off last night. I wish I could give her more space, I know she’s getting pretty cramped inside of my tummy and there’s nothing I can do about it! Well, she’ll be here soon enough with more space than she may really need or want.

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Happy Birthday to my Husband

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Today my husband turns 24! *throws confetti*

I was intending on buying him a grill for his birthday but instead, I got him the Windows XP operating system!
He loves it and is glad to no longer be living in the stone age of Windows 2000. LOL

I didn’t make him a cake for his birthday because he has a Strawberry Rhubarb pie leftover from his Easter/birthday thing at his parents on Sunday. lso, my husband would prefer pie to cake any day… that’s not how I am! As long as the cake isn’t murdered by too sweet frosting or overcooked, cake is my all time favorite. I personally love my Mom’s Mississippi Mud Cake and Devil’s Food… both of those cakes are to die for! * drools*


I’ve had to slow down on moving/packing a bit…. it’s really been wearing me out… or is it because I am now 31 weeks preggy and running thin on energy, air, and space? lol


Also, I drew a cute little Zebra today!

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Happy Easter ’08


I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter, whether spending it with family or friends.
Let us not forget the price Christ made for us so long ago on that old rugged cross.
I’ll be attending church today with my husband and sister-in law and then
heading over to my in-laws to have a nice Easter lunch/dinner.
I hopefully will get lots of pictures taken today 🙂 

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