Author: Erin

I Love You, Funny Bunny {Book Review}

I Love You, Funny Bunny is sweet picture book about the ways this mother bunny loves her little one.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Sean Julian. The hues and shades of coloring are warm and inviting. The characters expressions go well with the story. There are lots of fun pictures to look at where the characters are located in the forest, by the stream and home inside the bunnies den. Most but not all illustration scenes span two pages at once.

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My 34th Birthday!

Another year and another Birthday, this time my own. My birthday was low key but enjoyable. I got to visit my favorite nature park and furniture store ( IKEA), snag a free coffee from my favorite coffee joint (Dutch Brothers), had one of my liked meals ( Hot Wings!) prepared by my husband, gifted a pretty painting ( by August Holland) and pretty items from my mother in law and last but not least I got to enjoy the day with the people I love!

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