Author: Erin

The Cat’s in the Bag!

A Cat Has Nine Lives But a Baby Only Has OneIsaiah 40:28-31:28 ASV

Today I was at work once again for I created for them a pretty spiffy design titled “ A Cat Has Nine Lives But a Baby Only Has One”. Yet again, a Pro-life anti-abortion design. I enjoyed creating the cute quirky little kitty proclaiming to Stop Abortion! According to my picture this poor kitty has used up his/her nine lives! Meow!

T.G.I.F… it’s almost Friday anywho… it’s been a busy week and I am owed a much needed rest! I’m so blessed with the work I’ve been getting, though 🙂 I look forward to my next designing job with the company.

Church Fast

Well, most of all the ppl at church are fasting and what I have given up this week is most of my computer time since it’s pretty easy for me to spend all day on the computer… so instead of being on the computer I’ve been doing other things with my time 🙂