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The day that most everyone spends confused

…and by my title, I’m referring to Daylights Savings Time! Though it doesnt’ really seem like we are saving anything…. according to the 700 Club less sleep a.k.a losing an hour, is bad for our hearts! …and it’s throwing my body off schedule for sure! So, please tell me what good comes from turning the clocks back?

I pureed carrots today in bulk and froze them for Melody’s future feedings. I figure I’ll be doing that with most of her food… it’s either buy a .50 cent jar of carrots or puree the ones I already get for free through WIC. For apple sauce, I’ll just buy the apple sauce with no added sugar and we are set on that instead of buying a small baby food jar of it. It’s a real money saver if you do all this yourself. It’s really quite simple to do it yourself too.

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Goodbye October 2008

I hope everyone had a good Holiday yesterday whether you celebrated Halloween or Harvest! We went over to our friend’s house and hung out a bit while they took their children trick-or-treating. It was good in it’s own way. Always nice to fellowship with our new friends.  Melody enjoyed herself… a lot of people thought I was carrying a doll around as my prop and were pretty shocked when they would out she was an actual baby…hehe

I didn’t get too many pictures because our friends were hitting houses but there’s a festive picture above of my family. 🙂

I spent the rest of evening once we headed home remembering Halloween’s of past and telling my husband about them. Good times 🙂

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Happy Halloween

Well, we haven’t quite celebrated Halloween quite yet. We are heading over and hanging out with out life group later. 🙂 That should be fun.  I’ll post pictures later or tomorrow depending on when we get back home! The rain finally subsided so I am sure all the little trick-or-treaters are now happy and ready to hit the neighborhoods.

I just got results back in from one of the contest I entered! Yay! I won three Christmas Christian books! Christmas and books… those area on my top favorite things list 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your contest Melissa! Now waiting on the rest of the results… I literally entered over 600 contest… lol

About an hour now till my husband gets off of work. He unfortunately isn’t dressing up in the costume he wanted to… more or less because he waited till the last minute to get it… we went hunting last night and the stores are pretty much cleaned out.  I think he’s going to be a ninja… dun dun dun! Melody and I are going as Bo Peep and her sheep 🙂

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Hallo’s Eve

Boo! Did I scare you? …probably not!

Well, I’m feeling much better today! I’m in the final stages of the cold… you know that fun stage when you start coughing up phlegm! I know…I know, to much information right?  Well, I am happy to be in this stage than in the previous ones. I am trying to help Melody get better because with great unfortunate she did catch the cold too.

I finished the book cover for my husband and I am glad he likes it. What he really wanted was well not as great as he thought and he finally let me run with my idea! Usually  that’s the best thing to let an artist do. I told him to just stick with the writing! Hahaha!

I am excited about tomorrow …why? Well, not entirely because of Halloween but it’s because some of the contest over at Bloggy Giveaways winners well be annouced ! I am really hoping that I win some things! * crosses fingers*

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Apple Pie oh me oh my!

Pottery Apple BakersPlease visit to see the Pottery Apple Bakers for yourself.

My husband really loves Apple Pie and so does just about everybody else I’ve met.
I was quite intrigued with these  Pottery Apple Bakers created by Lane’s Pottery!

Right now, He’s giving away a set of 4! Deadline to enter is November 2nd.  I really hope I am able to win one. I would love to surprise my husband with a special apple something dish!  I can’t get over how beautiful his pottery work is!

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I could not prevent the inevitable. I’m sick and non to happy about it. My husband wasn’t feeling good on Friday and he passed his cold on to me. He is just about over the cold but I’m well in the middle of it. He can take medicine for his but I can’t because I’m nursing my daughter. Ah, well… it could be worse! Melody hasn’t caught the cold yet and I really hope she doesn’t! I’m keeping fervently in prayer over that!

On Saturday, despite not feeling well… we ventured out to get our pumpkin carving kit and flu shot. So Hubby should be carving our pumpkins this week. I’ll have to video and take photos. It’s Melody’s first Halloween!

I am putting my drawing to the side till get better! So hopefully I can start refreshed in November.

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