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New Blog Designs ahead

If any one noticed, I changed my blog layout! I am so thrilled that I found and bought a program to do this easily! Now I can start making people blog layouts and everything without the hassle of coding! I will probably change mine again soon but for now I am happy with the blue colors for winter and the family photo above. I will also start making people personalized blog layouts for a fee, just contact me for a quote if you are interested and I’ll add pre-made blog designs over at my Etsy store.

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Blood Results

I got a call from my daughters Endocrinologist yesterday on the results of my daughters latest blood results. It turns out her levels are quite off and she’s been taking too much medicine. He told me to cut it back and that we’d talk more tomorrow. This may explain Melody’s mood swings/changes lately. I was reading up on  over medication HERE. He apparently thought she was taking a lower dosage but Melody’ pediatrician prescribed her a higher dose (one 50 pill instead of the 1 1/2 ( of the 25) one day and two the next alternating), so someone screwed up or something. So, this new does not make me happy. This is my daughters health so people should get things right.

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First Snow of the Season!

It was so wonderful to wake up to a beautiful blanket of snow adorning the ground as big white fluffy flakes filled the sky! I love snow! It was Melody’s first snow and she loved it! I ponder what she really thought of the freezing fluff!  Church for us today was canceled so more quality family time spent at home enjoying the snow!

I finished two necklaces that are due to making an appearance in my Etsy shop come January! Equestrian Ocean and Amphibian Grace necklaces look wonderful and will be joined soon by many others! I also got around to ordering my jewelry boxes from Nilecorp since they are more affordable than anywhere else I’ve wandered across so far.

Not much other than that to talk about today… enjoy a photo from our day, though!

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Wren Willow

Melody wearing a one of kind onsie from Wren Willow

Melody wearing a one of kind onsie from Wren Willow

I wanted to thank Mommy Instincts again for hosting such a wonderful Esty spotlight giveaway! I won a 25.00 gift certificate to WrenWillow’s Etsy shop! As you can see from the photo above, I settled on  getting an adorable Periwinkle Man in the Moon onsie for my daughter. I encourage my readers again to head on over and check out these wonderful one of a kind handmade designs!

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