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Holiday Gift Guide: Stikbot Studio Pro & Stikbot Accessory Packs!


Take your animation creativity to the next-level with the new Stikbot Action Packs! This is a really cool way for kids to get into creating their own stop-motion animation. My older kids love watching videos online and have asked over and over if they can make their own. Well, now they have the oppurtunity to do just that with StikBot! large_2

Stikbot Studio Pro &Stikbot Accessory Packs $7.99 – $19.99 – Ages 4+

Stikbot Studio Pro includes a green screen stage, which easily allows children to take their stop-motion animation creativity to the next level. With the green screen, users can upload their own photos, animated backdrops or the images provided in the Stikbot Studio app, as the background in their stop-motion animation movie. Have a green Stikbot? Flip the set and use the blue screen!

With the included prop boxes, users can easily create a 3-D affect, allowing your film to take place anywhere and everywhere! In addition and designed especially for use with the wildly successful Stikbot, Zing introduces new Stikbot Action Pack Accessory Packs. Each of the four unique Action Packs include one Stikbot figure and an ultimate variety of themed role-play clip on accessories, allowing users to introduce cool new characters and personalities into their stop-motion animation film.

My son age 5 3/4 and my daughter age 8 have been having a lot of fun with the studio and additional accessory pack they got. My daughter has already been looking into what other neat props and accessories are available for their future productions! I asked my husband since he’s more techie then me ( only by a little bit though) to share his thoughts on this set. Below is what he had to say!

Thoughts from Dad…

These pose-able stick figures are a fun thing to mess around with.

Their suction cup limps make for the ability to pose in ways that other figures might just fall over, like action poses.

The packaging is nice, and designed to be used as the staging of the figures, and the storage as well! Good design here.

The stage is a green backdrop and can be used with an app you can download for your mobile (iDevice or Android). I assume you could use any camera and put them into any photo app that takes advantage of green screens as well. We like that there is a phone tripod included in the set.

The app is a little cumbersome. It’s slow, and the UI isn’t smooth to use. It does work, however.

What the app and set itself don’t explain well (unless I missed a paper somewhere) is how to properly use a green screen. I have before, so I had some idea. The biggest thing to deal with is lighting, and it doesn’t mention that anywhere I saw.

If you don’t have good light, and lots of it, and avoid shadows, the green screen effect won’t look right.




The figures are neat, and work, and have good design for many poses. The packaging is well thought out. The app isn’t great, and the lack of instructions may cause a lot of frustration. Having lots of lamps accessible where you play with it will help.

The Stikbot Youtube channel is full of helpful hints, tips, action videos, and more. It’s well worth checking out!

-Interested in Purchasing?-

You can find these cool toys on Amazon and other retailers.

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*

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