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Whatever Is Lovely by WaterBrook Press {Coloring Book Review}


Whatever is Lovely is a coloring book with the intent to bring one to peace as they reflect upon the goodness of God. I personally like to color in this book after reading the Bible and spending time in prayer. This coloring book is a great reminder of God’s promises for his children. Often the days are too busy and I feel we don’t take time to reflect and just stop! 

There are 45 uniquely beautiful illustrations created by many different artist that tie together with either a worship song, well known hymn, Bible verse, or quote from famous Christ followers such as Corrie Ten Boom.DSCN5026

It’s hard to pick favorite illustrations. There are animals, flowers, nature scenes, and so on. I recommend just picking and choosing what sparks your interest when you find the time to sit down. A few illustrations I was able to color in a short amount of time but others took me several days. It’s good to remember coloring isn’t a race! This book is meant to be used in addition to reflection and worship. I always colored in it freely as the time came up.


This book isn’t intimidating to color in the least bit. Whatever tool of choice is likely to work well on the thick paper. I’ve had a go with several different pens and pencils and nothing has bled through the pages. I am looking forward to trying water color next. I would like to point out that the pages are not perforated so you’ll have to use a clip board or something heavy on one end to keep pages from turning while coloring. I didn’t really have any issues with the pages getting in the way.


An additional perk is that this book included a link to a music playlist that can be put on during coloring times if you so choose. It’s a great addition but it’s not necessary to enjoy this book in it’s entirety. I recommend it to those of all ages.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinion”

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  • Lady Lilith


    We love coloring books. They are so relaxing. A great way to unwind after along busy day.

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