La La Logic {Schoolhouse Crew Review}

Logic an important skill for a child to learn. I’ve seen it done without any prompting but I feel practice should be offered. The ability to find reason in every situation is crucial. Logic in children can be seen in them taking something apart, seeing how it works, and putting it back together. These skills are important and likely be used throughout ones entire life whether it be for a job or specific situation. One way to teach these skills to young children is through puzzles, books, and reasoning games. I believe that with this skill new situations, experience, and challenges won’t be greeted with a give up attitude but with their head held high in confidence.

The Schoolhouse Crew Review Team has introduced and allowed me to review yet another fantastic curriculum choice for my children called La La Logic. This critical thinking based program is geared toward children age 3-6 years old. It’s most likely best suited as a supplemental preschool curriculum. It has the capability to enhance what you already may be teaching in gearing kids to boost their brain power and solve a plethora problems with ease.

La La Logic Review
About the Curriculum:
LaLa Logic is both an on and offline curriculum that has three main components that allow children to solve problems through play. There are over 500 brain games, printable worksheets, and a number of multi-sensory enrichment activities. A one time fee of $25.00 gives users lifetime access to the entire program for up to five students. Platforms this program supports are PC, Mac, iPad, or Android tablet.

La La Logic has 100 weeks of lessons. The lesson are broken up into sets. Each set contains five weeks. The recommendation is to start in the order presented to progress at a more natural rhythm. Each lesson will start out with an on-line brain challenge that is made up five computer games. Upon computer game completion for that week, students can continue with this curriculum through the printable worksheets, and finish up by delving into the enrichment activity suggested with a teacher or parent.La La Logic Review

The Online Brain Challenge Games: There are 500 brain game on-line challenges! Games include learning by sequencing, comparing quantities, number recognition, and so much more. These games feature kid friendly illustrations, lots of color, eye-catching animation, sounds effects, easy to understand instructions, and words of praise or encouragement to try again.

The games vary in matching patterns, putting together puzzles, placing numbers in the correct order, and so on. An example of a game is picture building. In one of these activities there’s a picture of a cross and below are several other shapes. The goal is to take the other shapes to make up a cross. An example of this is to locate and click on the specific named number. The student will have to click on its match as a variety of it and other numbers fall down from the top. Precise mouse skills are not required. Brain challenges for each section typically take about 5-10 minutes to complete.LaLaLogic6_zpss6radcliPrintables (Weekly Agenda, Worksheet, and Enrichment Activities): There are printable worksheets for every lesson on La La Logic. Work sheets are only about 3-4 pages long. The first page serves as a record for each week. It gives you the option to check activities off as you go. Activities throughout the week can be done with assistance, independently or skipped altogether . A few question pertaining to your child’s study are provided. Questions to answer include what your child most enjoyed about the week, what challenges you faced this week, and what your goals for next week are. This addition is particularly helpful if you are required to or would just prefer to keep records of your students work for yourself.


Many of the worksheets have cutting and pasting activities essential for tuning those fine motor skills. On top of the cutting and pasting, children are instructed to answer and preform several tasks such as grouping in like categories, naming what each of the items have in common, etc. Suggested items to keep on hand for this off-line logic activity include scissors, crayons, and glue.

The Printable Enrichment Activities worksheets are intended for teacher or parent to do along side their child or student twice a week. These activities often include reading and discussing a story, acting, shape hunts, memorization of poetry, learning songs, and much more. These activities focus on a number of subjects such as math, literature, language skills, and more. Most of the activities can be completed with items found around the house. Due to having a strong hands-on interaction approach these activities are more likely to be remembered in tying everything else learned together. DSCN1604

Extra Practice:
Each child account will have a extra practice section available. In this section, all 500 Brain Challenges are available . You can choose to play in order or pick and which you’d like to practice without having to go through the weekly schedule section. This practice is great if a child is needing to go over a specific area they found to be confusing. The same activity repeats a number of times and increases in difficulty from easy to more challenging. This section is also great for educational computer game screen time or when out and about since La La Logic can be played on the iPad and Android tablet.


Navigation & Set Up: Once a lifetime membership ($25.00) is purchased one will have access to everything the curriculum has to offer. To start, you’ll choose how many children (up to 5) will be users. You’ll put in their name(s), age, and choose a user icon. There are several user icons to choose from which include an elephant, seal, dragon, bumble bee, and a few others. The icon quickly helps parents and children to determine where to click when signed in to start and continue lessons. The site is free from ads that could lead children elsewhere. It has a simplistic set up and its smart navigation makes getting started and continued use stress-free. 

How We Are Using This Curriculum: 
I had every intention of using La La Logic for my daughter and my son but it just wasn’t enough of a challenge for my daughter that’s turning 7 next month. To prove this to me, she went to the very last lesson offered and completed it incredibly quickly. However aside from daughter’s experience, it has been a wonderful addition in our homeschool curriculum choices for my four year old son.

What I really like about this curriculum is that it’s easy to set up each lesson. When lesson are completed I can take  notes and also click the option to mark it as completed. Anything that saves me time when lesson planning is always favorable. The only prep work I had to do was to print 3-4 pages of worksheets which easily could be done the night before or the morning of the lesson. In keeping within a budget, I liked that after the single $25.00 payment to purchase lifetime access to the curriculum there wasn’t a need to spend money on or gather extra items. The only thing we needed to utilize the curriculum was Internet access, a printer, paper, and a few basic school supplies.

I’ve been using La La Logic with my my son three to four times a week with extra if he asks or if I feel he needs the practice. We typically spend about 15-20 minutes using the curriculum. Since the curriculum is meant to be used on-line and off-line it keeps things fresh and I don’t have to worry about my son being in front of screen too much each day. I asked and he says he loves everything about the program!

I’ve noted that his favorite activities are the work sheets that follow the Brain Games and the enrichment activities we’ve done together. He’s used the program on his laptop as well as on an Android tablet at home and on the go. It works on either platform as long as there’s Internet access. I’ll sometimes give him extra practice when I am working with his sister and he still wants to do school but I can’t sit down with him at that time. It’s great he can go through the online games all on is own! I am encouraged as the wheels in his head turn to come up with ideas, solve problems, and ask lots of questions.

I feel La La Logic is an excellent preschool curriculum choice that will enhance other areas in learning. It encourages independence as well as one on one interaction between a parent and their child. There’s nothing I don’t like about the program. My only hope is there will be something similar to La La Logic that expands beyond the early learning years to continue expanding ones logic skills.

La La Logic Review

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La La Logic Review

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