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DVD Review & Giveaway: Vampire Dog


Vampire Dog is a movie that I got the privilege to view before it hit the streets last week to spotlight as the Halloween season approached. Before you run for the hills and decide that you probably don’t want to know about a movie featuring a talking vampire dog, hear me out! This movie surprised both my husband and I who typically find that talking animal movies leave us a little perturbed, found this one to be well worth watching during family movie night with the kids!

Dove Foundation family-approved, Vampire Dog is a movie about a boy that is given a dog by his recently passing Grandfather. Little does the main character Ace know that this dog is a Vampire Dog. And this is not your ordinary vampire, this dog has a taste not for blood but red jelly! I really enjoyed the scientific reasoning behind that one which was explained in a pretty acceptable and believable way. Doe this movie have silly antics? Yes! Goofy Humor? Of course. Incredible twist and surprises? Not really but that’s okay, not every movie has to be super gripping.

Through all the silliness there’s a plot that teaches kids the importance of friendship and courage. Kids will also learn about acceptance, being themselves, and of moving on. Total movie runtime is 91 minutes. And the movie is mainly geared toward the pre-teen crowd though both my 4 year old and nearly two year enjoyed watching the talking dog.

Buy it: Interested in adding Vampire Dog to your DVD collection? You can purchase Vampire Dog at for 12.99!

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Comments (11)

  • Summer D


    Super Heroes for my boys! Haven’t decided which ones though.

  • TawndaM


    my daughter wants to be a Greek goddess… I think she might have a lofty ego problem… lol

  • Anne N.


    My daughter is going to be Minnie Mouse.



    As usual they will wait until the last minute to decide on their costume.

  • Ashley S


    My one year old is going to be a giraffe and my 3 year old.. a spider.

  • Terra Heck


    My step-daughter is going to be a hippie. I’m going to dress up as an 80s rock star. Thanks.

  • Kimberly


    A fairy princess and pirate.

  • Heather S


    My kid is going to be a scarecrow!

  • Miranda Welle


    Out of 4 kids, only our 5 year old has his costume “chosen” for the year. He will be a knight. We’ll have to dig through our stash to see what the other kids will be!

  • Kelly Ann T.


    We are planning on being a family of M&M’s

  • Beth C


    My granddaughter is going to be a pumpkin!

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