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Candy Corn Loom Knit Hat Pattern by Erin Lowmaster

**This pattern will fit a infant/child. Feel free to adjust hat sizing to your desired length.**

Materials Needed

Round Green Knifty Knitter Loom or any other large gauge loom with approx 36 pegs)

Your choice of worsted weight or bulky yarn (4 held as two, or a single strand of 5 or 6 bulky yarn). **The yarn used in this pattern is WW Red Heart Yarn.  You can use any Yellow, Orange, and White Yarn of your choice.

Stitch Markers (optional but helpful to use) when knitting your brim.

Yarn needle for bind off

Hat Pattern

Chain Cast On

Standard Rib Knit (Knit 2 pegs and Purl 2 pegs) for 1.5-2inches. I knit 10 rows in Yellow for the brim.

When ribbed brim is finished, knit 7 rows in yellow. Change color to orange and knit 15 rows.

Next change color to white. Knit 18 rows of white and follow with a gathered cast off. In total 50 rows will be knit.

*If interested in purchasing a Candy Corn Colored Ribbed Brim Hat, E-mail me at erinlowmaster@gmail dot com for more details!**

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Comments (13)

  • Amy


    Thank you for posting this pattern! I love candy corn and this hat will be precious on my great-nephew!

  • Catherine Keller


    This is just THE cutest hat!!! I just have to try knitting this!!

  • Anna


    Thank you for posting this. Very very cute. My family and I are also in Oregon. Good place to be. Thank you again,

  • Lynne N


    Found your site today. What a cute candy corn hat. Am going to pin this for a fall project for grandchildren. Thank you for sharing.

  • India


    I am confused which loom size I should be using, a 36 peg with 50 rows is way to large for an infant/child. I am using the Loops & Threads® Knit Quick™ Knitting Loom Set from Michaels.

  • Patty


    How many do you cast on it does not say

  • Erin


    It’s not too large if you are doing the u-knit stitch.

  • Jeannine Van Buren


    Thank you for candy corn pattern. My 1 year old granddaughter looked so cute wearing it on Halloween day.

  • Sandra


    I started but then came back and in the comments you say is a U knit. I started the rib knitting with E wrap already. Would you recommend switching to U wrap for the rest of the hat or just keep going with e wrap? I’m thinking the knitting will be too loose

  • Erin


    E-wrap would be to loose!

  • Teresa Bartkiewicz


    Is the U stitch going to give it a less gapped appearance?

  • Erin


    It’s much tighter.

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