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WW: I’ve been doing a lot of looking ahead…

This photo was taken of me checking out the Giraffe exhibit at the Oregon Zoo in Portland.
Note the title of this entry as there’s been a ton on my mind lately… tons!

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  • Crystal A.


    So…tell us what has been on your mind if you care to share 🙂 I love your shirt btw! Where did you get it? Also, your hair looks a bit redder than usual…is it just the sun…or did you do some highlighting? It is very cute!

  • Erin


    Thanks on the comments on my shirt! I got it on ebay, it’s a motherhood maternity top that I was able to purchase for 3.00 🙂

    My hair looks a lot redder in the sunshine. I’ve never had highlights done in my hair… I think it cost an awful lot to get done.

    I plan on posting what’s been on my mind lately in another entry. I’ve been a bit tired today though… recouping from being busy for the last 5 days. phew!

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