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Holiday Gift Guide and Review

BloggyxmasHoliday Gift Guide & Giveaway  button can be copied/pasted on your blogs to help support our blog(s). If you would like your product reviewed for our HGG and/or offer a giveaway, contact GAhome2mom.

This will be our very first Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway so we are still in the planning stages. We have tons of ideas.
GAhome2mom(LHD), Erin Connected2Christ and Fawn(Fcreations)
HTML for this button:<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img
alt=”Holiday Gift Guide 2009 ” width=”150″ src=”“/></a>

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Comments (8)

  • GAhome2mom


    I think Fawn did an awesome job with our holiday button. 🙂

  • Danielle


    For some reason, I can’t get the button to post on my blog. I don’t know if blogger is doing something goofy or what.

  • Gahome2mom


    I hope the code works right now. Don’t forget to add Kristinia to the list. 🙂 Thanks.

  • Brandy


    I love holiday gift guides!! (Found your blog on MomDot Forums btw)

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