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Review of Bittersweet Memories by Cecelia Dowdy

9781602603547 Bittersweet Memories by author Cecelia Dowdy was my first christian fiction romance novel. I must say, thoroughly enjoyed this book.

As I started reading, I learned about Karen Brown and how her fiance had  embezzled money from their church and ran off with his assistant.  This left Karen feeling heartbroken, abandoned, and confused. Overall, leading her to return home to her childhood home with her mother in Annapolis, Maryland. After returning home,  she comes to realize lots of things have changed.

If you are looking to read something  good and wholesome, this is the book for you.
I personally enjoyed getting to know each character, seeing their weaknesses, and following their walks with God through the thick and the thin.

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  • Cecelia Dowdy


    Thanks much for this wonderful review! Also, if you have time, and don’t mind, could you fill out the Letter To Our Readers in the back of the book and snail mail it back to Barbour? Both editor and author love to see the reader feedback! No biggie if you don’t, but if you could that’d be great! I appreciate your reading my novel, and I love the pic of you and your family standing in that field of tulips! I love tulips!

  • Janet


    Hi, I enjoyed reading her book too. I like the characters and the fact that she wasn’t afraid to actually write a book where the characters prayed and sought after God on a regular basis. 🙂 This was my first time reading a Celecia Dowdy book. Thumbs up!

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