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Dino Construction Company: Rescue Crew {Review}


Thanks to the The Dino Construction Company and their fantastic toy offerings, my son has developed an adoration for learning about all sorts of things pertaining to dinosaurs! Today I’m happy to talk about the Rescue Crew which are the newest offerings in their line. The Rescue Crew Dinos are smaller in size than some of the others offered but that doesn’t make them any less special. In a way, it adds to the appeal as the sizing makes them easy to bring along just about anywhere!

I don’t know about anyone else but my five year old son loves to bring his favorite toys along when we go out to the park, store, or wherever else and I’m perfectly fine with that! The entire line is great for indoor and outdoor play. Honestly, it just doesn’t get any better than this for kids that love dinosaurs and vehicles! A bonus as well for parents that prefer toys that don’t require batteries! All are 100% kid powered!

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I Can {Book Review}



I Can by Kathryn O’ Brien, illustrated by Gillian Flint is a great scripture memorizing offering for children. This book focuses on the verse Philippians 4:13 which reads “I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength”. I learned this scripture as a child through a song but feel this repetitive written in rhyme book would work just as well and in a way better! Children are given wonderful visuals and this verse is broke down focusing on the meaning of each word in the verse! It’s an excellent teaching tool for at home, school, or church classroom setting! 

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Waiting on Baby


Yesterday was my 38 week prenatal check up .  According to my Doctor, I’m measuring at 39 weeks and things are progressing quickly. I’m 3.5cm dilated already and pretty much on labor alert! I’ve been feeling very off all week. The BH contractions have been all over the place and getting comfortable at all is proving quite difficult. I’m trying to keep myself occupied with other tasks without overdoing it. But lately with the already lack of sleep and low iron, it’s hard to even make complete thoughts and sentences! She also is so low that it feels like she’s going to drop completely out when I walk around.

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The Play-Along Bible {Book Review}


The Play Along Bible by Bob Hartman and illustrated by Susie Poole is a storybook that gives parents, caregivers, school teachers, and Sunday School teachers a fun approach to teaching little ones stories found in the Word of God. Children learn best by play ( I know mine do), so it make sense that this book would be well received! It’s all about actions of ones body from their hands to their toes, stressing certain words with vocal phrases, and working it up with many different facial expressions. It’s not in one ear and out the other as children are encouraged to participate themselves instead of just watching, listening, or reading the book themselves! This book offers a wonderful way to learn and remember these Biblical stories vital to ones faith in God! 

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Zonderkidz: I Can Read Adventure Bible Story Collection Treasury Books


My children ask a lot of questions and are eager to learn more about God and the Bible. Since the Bible can be difficult for them to understand on their own and there are times when I can’t sit down with them, I intentionally like to keep storybooks and readers around. I can’t stress enough the importance of having material for children around that they can study, ask questions about, take to heart, and form opinions about.

I’m quite pleased that Zonderkidz is offering two new Adventure Bible I Can Read collections that each feature six books in one! The Adventure Bible series I feel stick pretty close to the actual event of things that took place. Not adding to the stories of the Bible is one of my top standards for materials offered to my children  per their age and comprehension level.

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