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Love is Forever {Book Review}


Love is Forever by Casey Rislov is book to turn to for little ones that recently have lost someone they were close to or even for those that haven’t quite yet. During this time, feelings of sadness, anger, and confusion may arises and children need to be reassured it’s okay to feel that way. In this world there will be loss and dealing with it healthily is the best way to move forward. I believe resources such as this book are crucial to have at the ready for parents as well as caregivers when the situation arises.

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Learn, Absorb & Praise™ Classic Collection

I was recently given the opportunity to share my thoughts upon and spread the news on a new set of  Christ centered books written specifically for children by Graham Blanchard & Callie Grant.

The Learn, Absorb & Praise™ Classic Collection has three titles which are Knowing My God: Jesus Shows Me, All of Me That You Can’t See, and Mud Puddle Hunting Day. Each of the books each have a specific purpose and come from certain lines that in different ways nurtures and has potential to grow the spiritual development of a child. This particular set is recommended for Ages 0-7 years old. My son age 4 and my daughter age 6 had benefited much from each! My aim is to have thought provoking books and those that point toward growing deeper in Christ in my home and this set certainly fits that target.

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Time Together, Well Spent! {Book Review}


Time Together, Time Well Spent!  by author Casey Rislov is a sweet storybook that encourages doing things with those that you love. It’s the perfect pick for family reading times together to stay connected and grow closer into each others life.

In this story, we meet a family of four bears. There’s a Mama, a Papa, a Brother, and a Sister. The young bears appear to be around the recommended age for this book which would be somewhere between four to eight years old. In the story we learn about this family through the activities they enjoy doing together such as playing games, watching movies, dancing, reading books, spending time outdoors, building forts, and so on.

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New book teaches kids computational thinking!

ipsum_cover-front_final_01Lauren Ipsum: A Story About Computer Science and Other Improbable Things

-Press Release -

Few dispute that teaching kids about computational thinking primes them for success in our modern, computerized world. But even today, parents and teachers still have few options to help them teach.

Software engineer Carlos Bueno may have the answer in a lovingly illustrated new book that brings computer science to life. Bueno’s Lauren Ipsum is a fantasy adventure in the style of Alice in Wonderland that’s designed to spark discussions about computer science.

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Bunny’s First Spring {Book Review}

bunnyspringBunny’s First Spring written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by David McPhail is a religious storybook that would be perfect to read to children during the start of the Spring season or on Easter Sunday.

The story takes readers through the four seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter through the eyes of Bunny. Bunny is born in Spring when things are so full of beauty and life. But Bunny gets confused when Fall and Winter arrive. Bunny feels sad to see leaves falling as well as other things that happens during this time. He cries out and feels that the Earth surely must be dying but is reminded by his parents to wait.

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Pushing Through…


My goodness January 2015 is coming to an end. Changes for the New Year have certainly gone into full swing. I chose to accept that my goals for the year to be more manageable.  Personally looking at the month and where things are right now, my life seems more  manageable than it was several months ago.  On those very full days of far too much, I find a quiet place and look to God. He makes everything more bearable as I continue to remain faithful in his loving guidance for my life.

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