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Knockout Knits {Book Review}

Knockout Knits {Book Review}
Knockout Knits New Tricks for for Scarves, Hats, Jewelry, and Other Accessories by Laura Nelkin is a must have book for knitters no matter what their skill level. Being fairly new to using needles, this book has been wonderful in growing my skills. Each project section starts out with something small and works its way up to something a littl [...]

Yuletide Ice Cube Fair {Book Review}

Yuletide Ice Cube Fair {Book Review}
I admit, it’s certainly fun to get swept into all the activities and gift giving and receiving but as long as we don’t forget the true meaning of the season. The Veggie tale book Yuletide Ice Cube Fair reminds us of the greatest gift of all. It’s not what appears to be the best, biggest or brightest but in fact the greatest [...]

Adventure Time: The Complete Fourth S...

The two-disc DVD and single-disc Blu-ray release of Adventure Time was recently released! Fans both old and new have something to really be excited about with this collection! I’ve heard it said that this season has many fan favorite episodes! This collection features season 4 in its entirety of 26 episodes (286 minutes of goodness) an [...]

The Piano Guys: Wonders Album {Review...

The Piano Guys: Wonders is the 4th album we’ve added to our music collection and like their previous albums, this one also doesn’t disappoint! I think anyone that likes covers redone will for certain enjoy The Piano Guys twists on well known fan favorites. Not just my husband and I but my kids age 6 and nearly 4 are quite the fan [...]

The Legend of the Candy Cane

The Legend of the Candy Cane
The Legend of the Candy Cane written by Lori Walburg & Illustrated by Richard Cowdrey is a classic you’ll want to pull out every Christmas season. The story beautifully and inspirationally takes an item associated with the Holiday season and uses it to tie Jesus Christ to Season. I’ll admit that after reading this story, I [...]

Boye Assorted Yarn Sleeves

Boye Assorted Yarn Sleeves I’ve found a affordable accessory to have on hand when working with yarn. These basically are used to prevent a collapsing skein of yarn as well as nightmare of a tangled yarn mess from happening.  To use these you simply slide them over a skein of yarn. Yes, it’s really that simple.  Each sleeve will k [...]

Loom Knitting Basics Kit Review

The Loom Knitting Basics Kit by Authentic Knitting Board is a must have whether you’ve loomed before or are wanting to pick up a new skill. This kit I’ve found to be a wonderful starter for those of all ages considering my six year old daughter recently learned how to knit on a loom. She has learned by experience and by watching [...]

Eco at Heart Stainless Steel Drinking...

Eco at Heart Stainless Steel Drinking Straws {Review}
We are big smoothie and shake drinkers. So, I’m a little embarrassed on how many straws we go through on a monthly basis. I kept thinking there had to be a better solution and one that was not just good for my family but great for the environment too. Then I learned about the Eco at Heart Stainless Steel Drinking Straws. These straws ha [...]


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