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Emily Lex Watercolor Package and Classes!

I’ve been wanting to take up Water Color art for a while now but just hadn’t jumped in until recently when I was offered an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.

This opportunity included a generous offering in the form of online lessons, an animal and flower workbook, brass stand for scripture cards, and two sets of motivational scriptural Truth Cards ( on for kids and adults) by Emily Lex! You can learn more about her, see her IG, & visit her shop if you are curious about her work and art too.

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Topics to Discuss When Selecting a New Church

When you are looking for a new church, you may find the options staggering. Since Brooklyn is called “the borough of churches”, you can expect the search to take some time. If you have your top priorities in mind, you will easily narrow down the list to the churches that best meet your spiritual needs. Here are some topics to discuss with any Christian pastor Brooklyn NY when seeking a place of worship.

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