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Recovery Tank Top and Nursing Shaper with Crossover Bra {Review} #Mamaway


Postpartum shapewear is new to me. I went without it for my first two kids but I’ll admit I was not happy with having an unsightly flabby stomach for so long after. I literally threw out tops that were not flattering around the midsection to wear. This is because I had no idea how well a shaper would work when worn under my regular tops and dresses! This product tucks not just my tummy but trouble areas like my thighs and bottom. I do like that I can still nurse my little one while wearing this as most shapewear for moms postpartum don’t have this option.

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Game Review: Dr. Eureka from Blue Orange Games

Be the maddest scientist around!

Dr. Eureka, designed by the award winning Roberto Fraga, is a tactile problem solving and brainteasing matching game. Players pass colorful molecules between test tubes to match the pattern on a challenge card, building both cognitive processing and dexterity skills. Play it alone or at a party with friends, Dr. Eureka is your best bet for some crazy molecule juggling fun!

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All Things Bright and Beautiful {Review & Giveaway}

All things bright and
All Things Bright and Beautiful is book based upon the hymn written by Cecil Frances Alexander in 1848. This isn’t a story by word but by illustrations. The words in the book are the hymn word by word. The watercolor illustrations are simply sweet to the soul and delightful to the eyes. I’m forever pleased with this children’s book not because the reminiscence it brings to me but by the fact I can share the glory and majesty of God with my children in such a wonderful way. 

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Game Review: Fast Flip from Blue Orange Games


Play with your food in this fruit flipping game!

Fast flip is a fast-paced matching race that develops high level visual processing skills while you quickly spot and count different fruits on the cards. Our special formula ensures that there is always only one solution between cards, creating a fun and addicting game for all. Play with the cards alone or mix up your game with included tokens for more exciting and exhilarating fun. 

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I Can Be Kind: My First Manners Book


I Can Be Kind by Amie Carlson, illustrated by Hether Heyworth is a sweet book for both boys and girls. It’s demonstrates practical examples and ways of how children can show kindness toward the people in their lives. The book is packed with scripture on nearly every page taken from the NLT version of the Bible. The scripture is in a simple form making it easy for children as young as even three years old to understand and memorize! 

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